Welcome to Hurd Images!

My name is Howard and photography has been my passion since my teenage years. I began my photographic safari in the 1980's using a 1971 Canon FTb 35mm camera and a Canon FD 135mm lens. That camera is still in my closet today. I hand-rolled my own 35mm film canisters from bulk negative rolls, spilled gallons of chemicals on the floor of the makeshift darkroom set up in a bathroom and waited with great anticipation as an image was enlarged onto photo paper and moved along the line of developer trays. Ahh, the good ol' days under the darkroom red lights ...

Following a three decade detour through the medical profession, I am once again able to pursue my passion for photography full time. Cameras and lenses now focus themselves (mostly), you don't have to worry about ruining your clothes when it's time to "develop" images and now you know right away whether or not your photo shoot was a success. And camera gear is very, very expense ...

I now work primarily in the action and sports genre of photography as well as covering events and gatherings of all sizes. My typical shoots include: freelance work for the CBS MaxPreps High School Sports network, assignment work for local and regional newspaper periodicals, corporate event coverage, and portrait sessions including seniors and engagements . I also work closely with high school fine arts departments covering marching and concert bands, choir and theater productions, and local and national competitions in various activities.

My wife and I have been married for over 25 years and we have two grown children. However, our nest is far from empty with five Great Pyrenees rescue dogs milling around. I'm a country boy and sports fanatic at heart, so when I'm not behind a camera, I'm usually out fishing or hunting, watching sports or chasing dogs around the yard.

I am happy to work with coaches, directors, parents, booster clubs, schools and yearbooks. Please email me for more information.